Monthly Good-Bad-Ugly

April 2022

Monthly Good-Bad-Ugly


Last month, when I started our community, Virtual Tech School, I started it with a culture of sharing our Good-Bad-Ugly, GBU for short.

The main idea behind it is that one should be conscious and aware about the things happening with us through our journey, as it is very important to identify the things we are doing right, the things that we can improve and the things we need to change moving forward.

In the longer run, this will always help us stay one step ahead of ourselves!

The Good represents the things that we feel, that we are doing / have done right. The Bad represents the things that we acknowledge can and should be improved going forward. The Ugly represents the things that need to change.

Writing Good-Bad-Ugly once a month is a good practice. This simple task of writing it gives us the space and time after the end of each and every month, that we simply need to just take a pause, contemplate and reflect deeply on the things we've done throughout the month, and acknowledge the good(s), bad(s) and ugly(s) so that we know what things we need to keep doing, what we need to improve and what we need to change.

This awareness simply makes us well equipped to improve exponentially in the upcoming month. In this article, I'm going to share the Good-Bad-Ugly of our newly formed community - Virtual Tech School. To learn more about the initiatives we have taken in our community, feel free to watch the video below -

As for our April's GBU, here goes -

The Good

  • Our Discord community is finally set up for Virtual Tech School, with 650+ members joining us in the very first month. The link to join the community is here.
  • We've seen enormous growth in this past one month in our YouTube channel, by achieving 2,000+ subscribers.
  • The engagement rate in the Discord community as well as YouTube channel has been superbly high, something I was definitely not expecting in the early stages.
  • My boot-camp on Web Development and becoming a T-Shaped developer is planned and is about to get commenced this month, starting 13th May.
  • My unorthodox road-map for the boot-camp has been well accepted by the students, with them being pumped up about it.
  • We have a wide diversity in our community, with people coming from both tech as well as non tech backgrounds, and from different age groups.
  • I did a 3 hour live session last month, which was absolutely loved by the community where a lot of questions were answered.

The Bad

  • I've started realising there are a lot of broken sails to fix in a students life, with some students simply either not willing to give in the time it takes, or straightaway looking for shortcuts that don't work.
  • I've been assuming a lot of things while answering questions, but I've come to realise that the less I assume, the better. I need to start looking at things from a different perspective, perhaps, from a student's perspective I suppose?
  • I still have a lot of work pending in the back-end for the boot-camp, right from content planning to it's delivery pipeline. I need to pull up my socks on that and work harder.

The Ugly

  • I've been a little annoyed lately, simply because some students ask questions that I've already answered in one video or the other, but I tend to forget that there are some folks discovering and joining us for the first time.
  • I need to be more mindful about it and ensure that I'm coming out polite under any circumstances whatsoever. Some of my answers or replies might have come out rude, and I apologise for that.

Thanks for reading!