Monthly Good-Bad-Ugly

June, July & August 2022

Monthly Good-Bad-Ugly

Hey guys, this Good-Bad-Ugly is going to be different from others, and in this one, instead of addressing things that are going on in the community, course, etc. I would rather take this opportunity to write down things that have been going on with me over the past few months.

Also, this GBU article might be long, so please bear with me!

Before diving into the GBU, I would first like to apologize to our entire community for the unexpected delay, and hardly any updates from my side over the past few months. A few people have already reached out to me saying that I do not owe an apology and they just want me to come back, but I feel I still do owe one as it is true, I made some commitments and didn't fulfill them in time. For that, I don't mind apologizing to my community one bit, and I deeply feel bad about it too, and I'm trying to come back. :)

I would like to break this article into 3 parts - June, July, and August. For the June and July part, I wouldn't write a GBU but would instead just write some paragraphs to share what happened, but for the August part, there will be a proper GBU. :)


The month of June was hectic. I did intend to complete my Linux Masterclass that month, and I did post the last video for it too. Now, some of you may feel that I left out a few things, like talking about networking in Linux, creating videos on how to use the VIM editor or performing regular expressions, or even some day-to-day hacks you could use in Linux to make your life easier as a developer, but I never intended to create these videos in June. They are meant to become a part of the course later.

Once the Linux videos were completed (they are btw, there is no Linux video coming soon), I intended to start the Git and Frontend basics parallelly. This is the part you guys have been waiting for.

Now for this next part, just as I did with the Linux course too, I had some things in mind that needs time to be prepared, and I was working on them but I got sick with a viral fever. During this time, I also had some financial emergencies I had to take care of, so as soon as I recovered, I picked up a few projects and got engaged with them. POOF went the month of June doing all this and the preparations for the next set of videos were still not done.


This was the month when I planned to resume the BootCamp. I was already doing projects, and after giving in that time, I was finding a couple of hours daily to invest in the BootCamp and create content, but the problem was different this time. Unlike before when I was in sync and has a routine and flow to create content, it was like starting everything from scratch, starting everything from where I left it.

No matter what you say, once the flow is broken, it takes time to reestablish. With time running short, I used to slack off a little bit (honestly) after working on the projects, and just couldn't find back the rhythm and flow in which I was working earlier.

By the time the month was coming to an end, it became like a task to me to upload a video. Rather than something I would enjoy, it was more like a task I have to anyhow complete before the deadline, which in my mind was the end of the month.

Again, I made some videos. They were mostly to fulfill the quantity criteria of things, but I watched them myself and they were so low quality, unhelpful, in random flow, and with nothing much to learn, I felt it was all clickbait and I just couldn't bring myself to upload it.

There are 2 things that could have been done. I could have either kept uploading low-quality clickbait videos (something that is against my whole agenda of creating videos) or I could have not uploaded at all (something, that is going to drastically stop the growth of the channel).

I chose the second option. The reason is simple - I could afford for the community to grow slowly, but I couldn't possibly live knowing I just went against my ideals to fulfill some stupid deadline I created for myself. At that point in time, I could afford to lose the consistency and growth of the community, but not my credibility.

A few of you even messaged me, saying not to take pressure about it and upload when I'm ready. I really appreciate those messages and they were the messages that helped me make the right decision back then. The idea was always to create a safe space in the form of a community for everyone, where everyone shares the same goal, to keep learning and make something out of your career, and to help each other. Seeing how some of you care about my well-being made me feel that I have succeeded in maintaining what I started, and I don't have to lose all that for the deadline.

I know I posted an update on my social media(s) as well as on our Virtual Tech School's Discord community as well, saying that I'll upload a video on a certain Thursday. I remember it well, but as I just explained, I couldn't get myself to upload that trash.


August was the time when I decided, I would wrap up most of the things I'm doing first, and only then will I continue with our course (Yes, it's not just my course. It's ours in my opinion). That's exactly what I did. I wrapped up most of the things I was doing apart from creating content and mentally got into a space where I could start creating content again.

I started preparing for the next phase starting in September, and I'm confident that this time around, the next phase is going to be awesome! With all being said, here is my GBU for last month -

The Good

  • I wrapped up one of my projects, which was eating up most of my weekly time. With that being done, I'm able to find lots of time nowadays.
  • I focused on my health these past few months, and physically I feel awesome.
  • I started preparing for the next phase, and have a great outline for the videos to come.
  • I mentally got into a space, where I could get back to creating content, and also share what happened with you guys.
  • It's not like I wasn't studying anything all this while. I spent a considerable amount of time learning blockchain and Web3, so maybe we could have a course on that as well, sometime later of course!

The Bad

  • For not creating content for so long, I still somewhat feel bad about it and I again would like to apologize to the entire community.
  • I started feeling like I failed at some things - things like consistency, communication, etc. and I've set a bad example for people who were following me - something I need to change immediately.
  • I still have one more ongoing project - although the number of hours I give into it has drastically reduced, my weekdays are still coming out to be somewhat busy but it's better than before.
  • I regret not communicating with the community at all, and not sharing any updates while I was trying to find my mental space.

The Ugly

  • I didn't make any videos for 3 months straight. That's unforgivable in any case scenario and I need to make up for it.

That's everything from my side. Again, I'm sorry for everything that happened in the last few months, and more so, I regret not sharing any updates with you at all. I hope we get back to being a strong community once again. :D