Monthly Good-Bad-Ugly

Monthly Good-Bad-Ugly

January 2023

It's time for the monthly Good-Bad-Ugly for the month of January 2023! Before diving into it, let's understand what Good, Bad, and Ugly are.

It is an initiative from our Virtual Tech School community (Join Here) where we prompt all members to take some time from their busy schedules and reflect upon the things they did in the previous month to perform better in the coming month.

It is more about identifying the things that went well, that you'd like to keep on doing (The Good), the things that didn't really go your way and you'd want to improve (The Bad), and the things that went horrible, something that you need to pivot from/change.

This helps our community members in gaining awareness about their progress, an important step when they're trying to grow and improve.

Now with that being said, let's move to the main part.

The Good

  • Our awaited Frontend videos for Phase 1 of our Web Development Bootcamp finally started this month.

  • I posted 10 videos this month. So much for consistency, but I'm happy with the result. :D

  • I did an event on our Discord server which drove our community from 1500+ to 2500+

The Bad

  • The engagement in the community is still low. I with my team have come up with a plan to increase daily activity and engagement in the community and hopefully, we'll see better engagement and learning since February.

  • We have also started with a better version of our community website, and hopefully, we'll open-source it this month.

  • I haven't had the time to promote my content much, something that I need to improve this month.

The Ugly

  • Our Twitter engagement is low. We haven't hosted any Twitter spaces

What's Next?

Talking about the things that would be coming up -

  1. I'll be moving my Frontend Bootcamp forward and we'll start building the website soon.

  2. We'll also parallelly start Python (Phase 3 of our Bootcamp) this month.

  3. We'll be having an open-source version of our website by the end of this month (hopefully).

  4. We'll drive more engagement activities on our Twitter and Discord this month (for sure).

Thanks for reading! I can't wait to read your Good, Bad, and Ugly for January.