Monthly Good-Bad-Ugly

May 2022

Monthly Good-Bad-Ugly


Our community, Virtual Tech School (Join - believes in maintaining transparency, and Good-Bad-Ugly (GBU) is just a medium to maintain transparency with our members.

Writing GBU is my favorite part of the month, as it provides me with an opportunity to take out some time to reflect upon what went great (Good), what could have gone better and needs improvement going forward (Bad), and what are some things I need to ensure I change moving forward (Ugly). It also helps me share some of the things I'm planning to do in the upcoming month.

I hope that just like writing this is the favorite part of my month, reading this should be yours! Also, don't forget to add your GBUs to the dedicated channel of our discord server.

The Good

  • My YouTube channel has a solid base of 2,800+ subscribers while maintaining a good engagement rate with all of them.

  • I've been active in our discord community, resolving doubts and engaging with the members. The community is not 900+ members strong.

  • We have started hosting some nice sessions on discord, which creates more value for our members.

  • We finally started with the Boot Camp on 13th May 2022 and it has received an awesome response from all over the world. Many folks have started switching to Linux already and are getting comfortable with it.

  • Folks have started Learning In Public with #LearningWithApoorv on Twitter.

  • We found some volunteers going forward, who is going to help us shape the future of Virtual Tech School!

  • My YouTube channel go monetized! In time, I'm hoping to start investing in the community monetarily as well. ^_^

The Bad

  • The pace of the course has been a bit slow. Although my consistency has increased a lot, with my method of teaching I've realized that this course might take longer than a year if I want to cover everything.

  • There has been some procrastination on my end, where I find myself wasting an entire day doing something I could've done later. I need to plan and prioritize better.

  • I have to start focussing more on the growth of the community. It has been growing at a good pace, but it can be improved.

The Ugly

  • I've been receiving a lot of questions on DMs, some of which I've answered already on various public channels. With this rate, I will have to close my DMs and stop replying as it is starting to affect me mentally.

  • I've conveyed it multiple times to ask in public, but still these common questions are being asked through DMs which slows things up for me, trying to reply to each and every message I receive. No matter what I do or say, some folks just don't want to utilize public channels as if they've hired me to be their teacher.

What's For June?

June is going to be one of the most exciting months. Our Linux Masterclass Course is going to be concluded for the time being, although I know I still haven't covered some things like using VIM, Grep and Regular Expressions, Networking with Linux, etc. but I want to cover these topics when they're more practical to do later on.

I would also create a video on Introduction to Git and Git basics, after which I will reveal public repositories for notes, which would be community-driven. The members of the community would be expected to create and maintain notes, as creating them is going to cost me a lot of time slowing down the course even further.

Finally, I'm going to reveal our community Virtual Tech School's website after which, I'll start teaching the Front-End basics. The approach for this course would be a bit different, as instead of learning first and then doing, we are going to learn by doing and the very first thing we'll be building would be our Community's website itself.

We're also starting to work on some projects that I'm going to teach on my YouTube channel, and give challenges corresponding to those projects for the students to complete.

As you can see, this month and the coming months are fully packed with a lot of exciting stuff to come. Stay Tuned and Happy Learning!