Monthly Good-Bad-Ugly

Monthly Good-Bad-Ugly

October 2022


I've been waiting to write this version of the Good-Bad-Ugly, as a lot of things have been happening lately and I wanted to share updates regarding that.

For the folks who are new to this concept / blog series, it is a way for me to share the updates about the community just to brief the members about what's going on. It is a good way to take out some time to reflect upon how your month went. I urge everyone to start maintaining such summaries for their monthly updates, and their weekly tasks.

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The Good

  • Started creating videos and posted content again.
  • Became active on social medias to resolve queries.
  • Attended a meetup where I got to meet with some amazing folks. I'm going to start giving a few talks now.
  • Started "virtual-tech-notes" ( GitHub open source repository to start accumulating and maintaining notes.
  • Moved to Gurgaon. To stay away from home for sometime feels amazing and gives a greater sense of responsibility towards things.
  • Have been playing badminton daily, which helps in physical well being.

The Bad

  • Haven't been consistent. This has been a major issue for me, where things keep coming up. I've been preparing to move towards a different format of content creation which will help in saving up time and enable me to get more consistent and get things moving.
  • I've had some hardware issues. Some of my gear isn't working properly, which I lost access to most of my gear as I left it back at home. Need to resolve this quick.
  • Haven't been able to check my social media that actively.

The Ugly

  • Need to complete the "Phase 1" of our main web development bootcamp by the end of this year, along with some more videos. Hopefully, the new format of content creation I'll be focusing on would help achieve this.
  • Need to participate more actively in online events and spaces, to be able to interact with the audience.

Some Updates

I've moved to Gurgaon recently. It has been majorly to join up a startup in its early stage, but I'm still figuring out if I want to do this or not. The new environment and workspace has been amazing, but it's taking a bit time to settle in (as it naturally should). Regardless, we should be back on track in a week with the course, and there are also going to be some roadmaps available on our official Virtual Tech School's website along with resources for your self studies in case you're moving ahead of the course.

I'm also working on some open source tools I want to incorporate both in the website, and want them to be community maintained, although I'm still in the middle of finalizing them, why they're needed and what they'll be doing. Nonetheless, these are going to be some awesome tools to help you create your portfolios, your resumes and even help you learn.

More on this next week. Till then, stay tuned and keep learning.