Monthly Good-Bad-Ugly

September 2022

Monthly Good-Bad-Ugly


Good-Bad-Ugly is our community - Virtual Tech School's (Join - monthly blog where I personally take out some time to reflect upon what's been going on in the community.

I urge all the members of our community to take out some time and share their own Good-Bad-Ugly in our GBU channel on Discord, as it's an important part of your learning journey, similar to how you're prompted by so many creators to share daily what you learned on Twitter. Doing this consistently was also one of the reasons why I made it without a degree.

I hope you enjoy reading these monthly newsletters from us, and let's dive into this month's edition.

The Good

  • Finally got back on YouTube and interacted with the community.
  • Did 2 live streams to answer a lot of questions the community had.
  • Posted 2 videos on Git, with more coming up and I'm happy with the pace of the content.
  • Planned October's content ahead - and we're going to start with both Frontend technologies and Python this month.
  • We now have a solid base of 4.3K subscribers on YouTube, and 1.2K members on our discord server.

The Bad

  • Some content in September again got delayed. I'd have hoped to push at least 4 to 5 videos but only 2 were posted.
  • Need to maintain the consistency of content. This is constant feedback from the community, otherwise, the quality of the content is good.
  • Need to bring in more activities for the community - Guest speakers, contests, etc.

The Ugly

  • Need to start creating content in more than one format. Currently, we're only producing content in the form of videos, but I should actively write some technical blogs too.
  • Need to drive the community more towards the open source for their portfolios.

What's for October?

This month is going to be pretty exciting. We are going to complete our Git Masterclass with a few more videos to go, have some hands-on videos on Open Source, and also start with the basics of Frontend and Python simultaneously.

As per the anticipation, we're going to be done with the Git and Open Source content by mid-October, and our second half of the month would be packed with learning HTML, CSS, Bootstrap & Python.

Happy Learning!